2016 Glacier National Park Photography Workshop Slideshow

Many thanks to all the wonderful photographers who participated in October’s Glacier National Park Photography Workshop. We faced some really challenging conditions throughout this class with rain, rain, and then more rain. Despite the soggy conditions, this was a fantastic fun learning experience and I am so proud of the beautiful images that all of you created during our time together.

Thanks to all of our participants for your endless enthusiasm and creative spirit. It was a pleasure photographing, camping, and splashing around the National Park with you.

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Music: Twilight is Here (Instrumental) performed by KP Devlin
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Nothing Hours (Instrumental) performed by Align in Time
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A huge thanks to the Wilderness Institute at the University of Montana too for sponsoring this event. Please check out the Wilderness Institute’s website for upcoming speakers, events, and classes on the importance of wilderness and the ethics of environmental protection.

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