Photography is meant to be shared. We photographers need a limitless fountain of inspiration and a place to find fresh ideas. As artists, our skills stagnate unless we continually surround ourselves with new influences. When we connect and learn from others, we gain knowledge, and the quality of our art rises.

Google+, in my opinion, is the best place on the Internet right now to find an endless fountain of inspiration and to continually discover inspiring new artists and a supportive community. It’s the one social network that I believe has real value for photographers like you.

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Let’s be clear: Google+ is not Facebook. Facebook is a designed to keep you connected with people that you already know well. Facebook is a mediocre way to see snapshots of your nieces and nephews. Facebook will tell you what your friends ate for breakfast, who is getting married or divorced now, and its a good place to watch funny cat videos. But the way that Facebook’s displays photography is simply awful.

Images on Facebook are small and over-compressed. Worse, there is no way to completely hide Facebook’s bland user interface so that you can enjoy an amazing image without advertising and constant visual distractions. But the biggest problem of all is that Facebook was never designed to help you find anything new. Facebook is not a search engine. (Don’t get me started on all that is wrong with Instagram too!)

Google = Search

Unlike Facebook, Google+ is a great way to meet and discover new photographers, artists, and thinkers without any expectation that these artists are going to be your “friends.” Google+ is built around the idea that the world is full of fascinating talented people who want to share their skills. This is a platform that wants you to see big high-quality photos, read engaging articles, and discover informative videos.

This is a platform built around the importance of search. And unlike Facebook, Google+ is designed to display Retina quality images without any advertising or sidebar distractions.

The best way to connect Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with Google+ is through Jeffery Friedl‘s brilliant Export to Picassa Web Publish Service Plugin. Adding this Publish Service Plugin into your Catalog simplifies the Photoshop Lightroom to Google+ photo upload interaction. As you will see in this week’s video tutorial, Jeffery Friedl’s Plugin makes it easy to send a copy of your images from Lightroom to your Google+ Photo Albums with the click of a button. From there, you can share individual images or the entire album with whoever you want.

Remember that all of Jeffery Friedl’s awesome Plugins are donation-ware. If you like what they do please support his hard work with a generous contribution.

If you are on Google+ please add me to one of your Circles to see more of the images, articles, and photography advice that I share online everyday.

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