The Important Places

November 2015 Update: The Important Places just won the prestigious Best Short Film at the Banff Mountain Films Festival!

I am so proud to have played a tiny part in the making of this award-winning movie. It is a great pleasure to call this movie’s heroes–Doug and Forest Woodward–my dear friends.

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A Collaborative Film By Gnarly Bay + Forest Woodward + Friends

Click the Full Screen icon in the far right-hand corner of the video play bar to watch this movie in full 720p HD.

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The Grand Canyon is a place like nowhere else on Earth. My journeys beneath the rim with friends like Doug and Forest have forever changed my life. It brings me such joy to see that some of the magic, and the beauty, that our group shared beneath those towering canyon walls now up on the big screen. There are memories, moments and flashes, in this film that bring me back to some of the best days of my life.

Threats to Grand Canyon National Park, and the Colorado River, are mounting everyday. Wild places like this are in peril. It will take massive public support for organizations like to protect The Important Places like The Grand Canyon from those who would trash such majesty for their own financial gain.

From uranium mining to excessive commercial development along its rim, the threats are mounting. If the power of the river, the grandeur of the landscape, speak to you then please share this movie. Please share the news that the Grand Canyon is in danger right now and that the Colorado River needs our help. Thank you.

Thank you Doug Woodward. Thank you Forest Woodward. Thank you Gnarly Bay Video Productions, Team Fireball, Canyon REO, and everyone else who helped to turn our journey into a visual treat that touches my soul.

David Marx

P.S. It also makes me very happy to see some of my time-lapse segments used as filler in between the movie’s best scenes.

P.P.S. If you watch closely there are even a few clips where I appear briefly in the background. It takes a beautiful place, and talented cinematographer, to keep my grubby appearance from ruining a great movie.

Full credits and more at The Important Places on Click here to learn more about master photographer and videographer Forest Woodward. Finally, Doug Woodward’s fantastic autobiography Wherever Waters Flow: A Lifelong Love Affair with Wild Rivers is available at

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