Photography Workshops

David Marx photography workshops are unique learning opportunities that focus on expanding and improving your photographic skills. My photography workshops are not simply photo tours, where the guide brings you someplace beautiful and then disappears to shoot their own photos. During a workshop, my focus is on you and helping you increase the quality of your own photography and your portfolio.

My photography workshops are often all day events, and there is rarely a 9-to-5 schedule here. On most of my workshops, we get up early and stay out late. We shoot and we shoot and we shoot some more. We eat our meals together. We talk photography all day and often into the night. These workshops are a rare chance to live and breathe photography all day long. Come with me, and I will take you to the best spots, at the right times, and help you master new photographic skills.

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Glacier National Park Photography Workshop with the Wilderness Institute

September 22 – 24, 2017

Glacier National Park Photography Workshop 2017

My Glacier National Park Photography Workshop sponsored by the Wilderness Institute at the University of Montana is a great opportunity for participants of all skill levels to improve their landscape photography technique. We will spend three days and two nights photographing the scenic splendor of autumn in Glacier National Park.

Out in the field at first and last light, participants will shoot photos of fall colors, lakes and streams, mountain-filled skylines, and burned areas, as well as frost-lined leaves and spectacular sunsets. This workshop is an opportunity to experience wilderness with a lens: focusing on light, color, form, and composition. This unique program is designed for members of the University of Montana students community but participation is open to everyone.

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Coastal Maine Photography Workshop at the Spruce Point Inn

October 1 – 6, 2017

2017 Coast of Maine Photography Workshop

The coast of Maine is a photographer’s paradise. It is a place that always inspires me and where the photographic possibilities seem endless. This five-day workshop is a terrific opportunity to learn new landscape photography techniques while enjoying the hospitality and cuisine of Maine’s finest resort.

During this workshop, we will travel all around the Boothbay area to photograph beautiful harbors, lighthouses, and working lobster boats. We will discuss contemporary digital photography techniques in our classroom and then head out to practice our new skills along the gorgeous coastline that surrounds the Spruce Point Inn. This is a great chance to learn, shoot, and enjoy the stunning beauty that is the coast of Maine.