Adobe Lightroom CC™ is Adobe’s newest software for photographers who need editing capabilities that can keep up with their busy lives. Adobe Lightroom CC stores your original images on the “cloud” so you can easily edit them using any computer or mobile device.

Adobe Lightroom CCLet me help you to get up and running with Lightroom CC in this thorough two-day workshop sponsored by the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

Students will walk away from this workshop understanding:

– How to use Adobe Lightroom CC’s powerful raw image enhancement tools
– The promise, and potential pitfalls, of cloud storage for all of your photos
– How to organize your images using Adobe Lightroom CC’s advanced AI search features
– How to share your favorite photos on social media and on the web
– How to work with your photos using the Adobe Lightroom CC for iOS and Android Apps on your smartphone or tablet

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WHEN: 4/13/19 – 4/14/19

WHERE: The Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana

PRICE: $445

Important: There are now two very different versions of Adobe Lightroom: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic and Adobe Lightroom CC. I teach different workshops for each of these two programs!

Both versions of Lightroom have their own advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, you cannot use both of these programs together to manage your image library. At the moment, this is an either / or choice so please do some research before choosing which type of Lightroom you want to learn. If you have questions about which type of Lightroom is the right choice for you then please contact me before registering for this workshop.

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